Monday, October 31, 2005

Snow over the weekend in Steamboat Springs

You can always count on snow here in Steamboat right around Halloween. It's not the first snow of the season but it seems to do it every year here in Steamboat. I couldn't resist snapping this shot of Buffalo Pass from our place before I left for work this morning. It snowed this weekend up higher with a few flakes in town yesterday. I was up in the Steamboat Lake area with clients Sunday morning and it was snowing pretty hard up there. They probably got an inch in the hour or so I was up there. Its definately enough to get me thinking about ski season (as if I wasn't already), how about you?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Steamboat announces Opening Day - Wed Nov 23rd

Opening is planned for the day before Thanksgiving just like every year but htis year it is on my birthday. That is unless we get a fast start to the winter and the open a few days early, I can't say I would be disappointed ;) A powder day on my birthday like we have had on opening day the last few years would be great but getting what I want for my birthday early would be even better.

Steamboat to Again Open Ski Season with Scholarship Day

Steamboat Springs, CO (Wednesday, October 26, 2005) - Steamboat has confirmed that the Colorado ski and snowboard resort will once again kick off the ski season with Scholarship Day, scheduled this year for Wednesday, Nov. 23, the day before Thanksgiving.

Scholarship Day marks the first day of the season, with revenues from the day’s specially priced lift ticket benefiting the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Scholarship Fund. Scholarship Day 2003 set a record for the Club’s Scholarship Fund with nearly $70,000 raised. This fund provides financial support for deserving local children participating in Club programs. Since 1991, Scholarship Day has raised more than $430,000 for deserving athletes. While the ticket price for Scholarship Day 2005 has yet to be announced, it was set at $15 last year.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Steamboat Barn to be made into a park, surrounding land to be developed

There is a proposal to move Steamboat's iconic barn slightly, put it on a new foundation and donate the barn and a small park to the city. At first I was a shocked since the barn is one of my favorite things about Steamboat Springs but then I realized that if they also fix the roof and make a few minor repairs this could ensure the barn's long term survival as a Steamboat icon. I never fail to get a warm feeling when I see it and I go out of my way on nearly a daily basis to do so. I have worried about it's demise for years since the roof started coming off. If they just fix the roof with some tin and replace any rotted timbers inside this barn will last indefinitely.

Lets hope they do this right by blending in the new homes so they don't distract from the classic view of the barn in front of the ski area and most importantly prepare the barn to last for several more generations to enjoy.

Story in the Steamboat Pilot

Monday, October 17, 2005

Year round Ski Jump opens in Steamboat!

Steamboat's new 75 Meter Nordic Ski jump opened over the weekend with a jump from Winter Sports club member Davis Miller followed by many other club members. Unfortunatly I missed the opening salvo of jumps but I am looking forward to taking Alden and soon our little girl over to see the jumpers flying over Steamboat Springs. The amount of history that is behind this jump and all of Howelson is incredible. The fundraising to build this jump was led by John Fetcher a spry 93 year old that is still making ski jumping history here in Steamboat. I am proud to have had the chance to make a contribution in hopes that my son or daughter gets to use it or be inspired by the athletes that do someday. Its great so have something so unique in our backyard here in Steamboat.

Make sure to go see local kids fly when you are in town sometime. There is nothing like seeing it in person.

Full story here

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

If it snows this winter in Steamboat like it's raining now ...

We will have a ski season to remember. We have been getting wave after wave of very strong rain showers for hours now and it doesn't show any sign of letting up. I was hoping to get out for a few hours tomorrow with my new camera to photograph the Aspens but there may not be enough leaves left for panorama shots after this storm. I'll just have to focus on smaller groves and daydream of an epic winter. I may not get as many photos but I will have a huge smile on my face! I can almost feel myself floating down the slopes of Steamboat in powder enhanced bliss...