Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Aspen vs. Steamboat

I thought I would share an article comparing Aspen to Steamboat from a visitors point of view. Jay visited Aspen and then Steamboat back to back like he often does and responded to an article that appeared in the Aspen Times. Here a are few choice quotes:

"In Steamboat, the people are almost unfailingly friendly ... You'll encounter ranchers in Steamboat ... I'm talking about ranchers with actual cow crap and sheep crap on their actual cowboy boots ... The comment about Steamboat mountain biking ... that was a beauty. Trust me on this, Al, you can get your lungs burned and your legs fried in Steamboat on more killer trails than there are Hummers in Aspen. Next time you ask a Steamboat mountain chick for trail suggestions, don't do it in your $400 Manolos. Leave your Louis Vuitton at Dad's phat condo. Otherwise, said mountain chick might assume you're looking for a ride for, uh, pussies."

"At the end of the day, Aspen and Steamboat are Rocky Mountain jewels gracefully sitting beside their respective rivers like pearls on shimmering necklaces, fashioned from the same hand, but endowed with fascinatingly different personalities and treasures of their own. One is no less beautiful to its denizens for its lack of Hollywood glamor - and outrageous expense - than the other. I can't help but think: As much as I like Aspen, and I do like Aspen very much, I would have LOVED it back in the days when it was more like Steamboat."

The original article he is responding to does have a good section about what is good in Steamboat. For the record I think that Aspen is a gorgeous area and like the skiing there but Steamboat is much more my style. Expect a wave if our paths cross on a bike, skis or just walking.

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