Saturday, July 17, 2010

Take a Hike and a fly rod to Harrison Creek

   The Yampa River is a beautiful river for Fly Fishing, tubers, dogs and more. For those who prefer a little more privacy while they fish, Harrison Creek is a beautiful secluded spot that’s only about a 15-minute hike. Drive 8 miles past 131 heading up Rabbit Ears Pass. On the right, just before Highway 40 veers to the left, there’s a small road. Park at the end and walk past a couple of campsites – about five minutes. The trail is a little hard to locate, but can be found just past a campfire ring. The trail wanders down pretty steeply. There are two stream crossings before reaching Harrison Creek. The landscape is currently speckled with wildflowers of every color. An open field and aspen grove are a great place for relaxation in the sun. Down at the river, there is shade and you’ll be guaranteed to avoid the crowds and plenty of brook and cutthroats. For those who are interested in a little more hiking, cross the creek and head up the other side. This is a steep climb and gets hot during the mid-day hours, so bring plenty of water. The trail is a little overgrown, so be sure to take your bearings as you go.

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