Thursday, April 15, 2010

Black Bears and Wildlife in Steamboat

     Black Bears: Seeing a black bear in the wild is a breathtaking experience. However, with Steamboat expanding, black bears are starting to become more familiar with human habitat. Those who move to Steamboat come here for the wilderness, the wildlife and the sense that there are still wild places. There are a few things to know about black bears in order to have a safe wildlife encounter. Black bears do not attack humans as a general rule. However, if you come between a momma bear and her cubs, she is more likely to attack. If you see cubs, be very careful away. The mother is close by.

     Bears like trash. While many people who visit Steamboat are thrilled by a bear sighting and are happy to leave food out for them, this causes on-going problems with bears. From dumpsters they are more likely to break into houses. Storing trash in secure dumpsters or in your home until you can properly dispose of it, will help keep bears wild.

     For natural bear sightings, the best times of year are in the fall and spring. In the spring bears are fattening up after a long winter’s hibernation. They will feed lower on the mountains where there is fresh vegetation. In the fall, head up the mountain to the raspberry patches that can be found throughout the mountain to see some wildlife in the wild. Best times of day to see a bear are in the early morning and early evening. Steamboat bears like to scavenge for food at all hours of the night. If you do see a bear, be respectful and keep your distance and enjoy!

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