Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Steamboat Barn to be made into a park, surrounding land to be developed

There is a proposal to move Steamboat's iconic barn slightly, put it on a new foundation and donate the barn and a small park to the city. At first I was a shocked since the barn is one of my favorite things about Steamboat Springs but then I realized that if they also fix the roof and make a few minor repairs this could ensure the barn's long term survival as a Steamboat icon. I never fail to get a warm feeling when I see it and I go out of my way on nearly a daily basis to do so. I have worried about it's demise for years since the roof started coming off. If they just fix the roof with some tin and replace any rotted timbers inside this barn will last indefinitely.

Lets hope they do this right by blending in the new homes so they don't distract from the classic view of the barn in front of the ski area and most importantly prepare the barn to last for several more generations to enjoy.

Story in the Steamboat Pilot


Anonymous said...

This is a tough one. I think that this barn is special to many people and it has been painful to see it fall into disrepair. In the end I guess I would rather see it maintained if tranferring it to the city would allow for that. I'm just concerned how the vista that it provides will be impacted. I encourage the city to really understand what is happening before this is approved to make sure this plan can be implemtented as well as possible.

Anonymous said...

Well said, I could't agree more. I hope the city and the planning commission take any steps necessary to preserve Steamboat Barn and its famous vista.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, each of you has good points. The trade off between long term survival verses the original, authentic location and condition is really tough. I remember visiting an art gallery once that had authentic European and Asian pieces, it almost felt wrong viewing these things that seemed to belong in a museum... When we asked the store owner about the ethics of selling such things he explained that during the times when much of his collection was being purchased people were so desperate for money, food, and shelter that they would have burned the art, furniture, and other pieces for warmth had he not offered them an alternative.

Maybe moving the barn hurts a bit and won't have the same iconic vista in the background but at least we will still have it around to enjoy. I doubt the current property owners are in the same situation as the European and Asian property owners were, but at least if the government is given controll we won't have to risk losing it again... unless the park it is relocated to happens to be a wild life refuge and oil is randomly discover underneath :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Court, thsoe are good points. In this case the current plan is now to leave the barn where it is vs moving it a little. Since you mention Asia. Many of the old temples and landmarks there have been totally rebuilt more than once after being destroyed by wars, etc. It's bestto have the original but a rebuild is far better than losing an icon.

Anonymous said...

O I do hope that the barn stays exactly where it is. Ever since my first trip out there I have been in love with Steamboat. I actually want to have my dream wedding at the barn when I grow-up. If the barn moved somewhere else besides near the mountians and in the field, I would be devistated.