Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Steamboat Town Challenge Mountain Bike Race 7-20-05

I did my second Steamboat Town Challenge Race tonight. It was over at Howelson Hill on the Eye2Eye Loop from the base of Howelson up to Orton Meadows then MGM and Stairway to Heaven and over to Abbey's then down several of the loops came out near Treehaus and loped down the horse trails back the base.

I have no ambitions to be a racer but its a great chance to get out for a ride and participate in one of the things that are cool about Steamboat. As we lined up for the race 4 guys introduced themselves and wished me luck which was pretty cool to see 1 minute before our start. At the start I stuck to my strategy of getting a solid postion where I couldn't get passed (you can guess where that is). I was still open to quite a few passes from people in the following waves. On the first hill my stomach really started churning enough that I almost dropped out. That lasted for most of the climb. Luckily the course was so beautiful I was distracted enough to keep going.

People actually bike up the course to cheer on thier friends, there were people all over the course even 5 miles up near the top. On a long uphill its really cool to round a corner and find 1-4 people cheering you on.

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