Monday, August 22, 2005

Horseback Riding and putting up the hay in Steamboat

Alden saddled up with Daddy for his first horseback ride out at our friends the Hartleys. Dave & I saddled up the horse and then I rode around the back of their house. We obviously hadn't planned this because Wendy already had him in his jammies but Alden was excited to see the horse and seemed ready for some adventure. Wendy handed him up to me and we rode around around their yard and then the big pasture. I said yea hah once and Alden took it from there yelling it with glee and riding Toots like he was a rodeo cowboy. It was and incredible place to ride with a direct view of the Steamboat Ski area and the Yampa Valley. Toot is a great horse that I have ridden on and off for about 18 years so I trusted him completely with Alden.

Before our big ride I helped my friends Dave and Katherine load and store a couple large truckloads hay bales from his fields. Slinging 70 pound hay bales up high on a truck and then stacking them in the barn is not easy work but it is very satisfying and makes for a good nights sleep afterwards. I've gotten out anouther day since then and hopefully I can get in a few more evenings to help them out and get the workout that comes along with it for free.

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Anonymous said...

Your son is a lucky boy and you are even luckier!

Enjoy Steamboat, maybe I'll see you out on the trail sometime...