Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Aspens are just beginning to turn but Winter is closing in on Steamboat Springs

Trail Ridge Road east of Steamboat is closed due to snow today. We haven't seen any snow in Steamboat yet but the Flat Tops Wilderness area south of town got some earlier in the week. Temperatures are definately cooler especially in the morning but the days are still nice. Steamboat is likely to see it's first snow any time now and then it ususally warms up for a few weeks so everyone can fit in a full compliment of warm weather sports before ski seasoon comes. Come late October it feels like winter is coming and by Thanksgiving the mountain is covered. About 2 out of 3 years we have a spectacular opening day. When it is good most of the upper mountain has not been groomed so you can find 2-4 feet of untracked Steamboat champagne powder to bring in the new ski season.

In case you don't know Trail Ridge road connects Estes Park and Grand Lake through Rocky Mountain National Park and it is the highest continous road in the United Statesat over 12,000 feet. Make sure to drive it and explore Rocky Mountain National Park sometime when you are here.

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