Monday, October 31, 2005

Snow over the weekend in Steamboat Springs

You can always count on snow here in Steamboat right around Halloween. It's not the first snow of the season but it seems to do it every year here in Steamboat. I couldn't resist snapping this shot of Buffalo Pass from our place before I left for work this morning. It snowed this weekend up higher with a few flakes in town yesterday. I was up in the Steamboat Lake area with clients Sunday morning and it was snowing pretty hard up there. They probably got an inch in the hour or so I was up there. Its definately enough to get me thinking about ski season (as if I wasn't already), how about you?


Anonymous said...

What's the typical weather like in November for Steamboat. When would you expect the heavy snow to arrive?

Steamboat Springs said...

Typical is a tough word when you are talking mountain weather but I'll take a swing at it. In November we tend to see a mix of warm and snowy days. The snow on the mountian is usually here to stay in a week or so but some of the best openings come on a 3-5 day pounding just before opening or over Thanksgiving.

If I could predict the heavy snow I could make a mint as the powder lahma but we tend to get it somewhere in the week before Thanksgiving and if not it seems to come on the Sunday afterwards while people are driving home.

I am always very reluctant to go out of town for Thanksgiving because it seems like we have a good to epic opening day a little less than 2/3rd of the time. It is hard for me to think of a time that I have had so many powder days here over the years. Since the resort is closed the snow can pile up un-touched on most upper mountain runs and in the trees for days and even weeks. Opening day is amazing when this happens you just have to avoid the humps in the snow since hitting a stump or a downed tree is never any fun.

This summer and fall have been very wet compared to the last few years so it could be great if the storm track stays stable. That is anyone's guess. I hope that you hit it deep.