Monday, October 17, 2005

Year round Ski Jump opens in Steamboat!

Steamboat's new 75 Meter Nordic Ski jump opened over the weekend with a jump from Winter Sports club member Davis Miller followed by many other club members. Unfortunatly I missed the opening salvo of jumps but I am looking forward to taking Alden and soon our little girl over to see the jumpers flying over Steamboat Springs. The amount of history that is behind this jump and all of Howelson is incredible. The fundraising to build this jump was led by John Fetcher a spry 93 year old that is still making ski jumping history here in Steamboat. I am proud to have had the chance to make a contribution in hopes that my son or daughter gets to use it or be inspired by the athletes that do someday. Its great so have something so unique in our backyard here in Steamboat.

Make sure to go see local kids fly when you are in town sometime. There is nothing like seeing it in person.

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