Friday, December 02, 2005

Warren Miller crew in Steamboat

It looks like Steamboat's snow is so good this year that even Warren Miller Entertainment is changing thier plans to be in Steamboat. Too bad we got to the best freshies first on Monday ;) I'm sure the ski area took them to plenty of sweet terrain that isn't open yet so we call all look forward to seeing a rockin' Steamboat session in next fall's installment.

Two of my friends from Boulder and Golden are coming up tonight so I am taking the day off Saturday to ski with them. I was very good this week and worked hard while most of town was up skiing, except for Monday of course. It was a top ten powder day for me and I have skied many of Utah's best storms for years.

Read the story about this and Steamboat's record snowfall here in the Steamboat Pilot. On Sunday and Monday I think that they seriously under reported the snow that was on most runs. Monday they gave a 24 hour snow total of 15 inches and there was 15 inches on the main groomed runs Monday morning first thing. It had snowed all day Sunday and we all know that wouldn't have stayed undisturbed on those runs.

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