Friday, January 20, 2006

Base Area projects

The Steamboat Springs base area redevelopment plan is moving forward. I am excited at the prospect of the Steamboat base are becoming more of a destination year round instead of just throughfare. The improvements will be funded by increases in property taxes & sales taxe in the base area driven by the new projects coming to revitalize the base of my favortite hill. The first phase of improvements will include:

- Bring Burgess creek to the surface through the base area including ponds, play areas and a possible outdoor ice rink in the base area.

- Design and start improvements to the gondola square area including escalator down to the gondola, new walkways, landscaping, public art, new public restrooms and an overall update of the area.

- Link the Sheraton resort to Torian Plaza / Ski Time Square with a new promenade along with general improvemnts to connections betwene the different parts of hte base area.

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