Sunday, April 16, 2006

Steamboat Balloon Rodeo

UPDATE: The developers of Wild Horse Meadows announced that there will likely be one more year for the balloon rodeo at the traditional meadows site. Their current schedule permits an encore presentation of the Balloon Rodeo so they have permitted the event back on the property.

One of the icons of Steamboat in the summer, The Steamboat Balloon Rodeo, has found a new home. The Balloon rodeo has been going for about 25 years in the hay field above the meadows parking lot and the tennis bubble but it needed to find a new home since work will be starting on Wild horse Meadows. A lot of people were nervous about what they might find but I think the new site has the potential to be even better. The event will now be held just west of Lake Catamount near 131 and CR 14C in a gorgeous part of the south valley. on July 8th and 9th, 2006. If you a planning a trip to Steamboat this summer this could be the perfect weekend or at least one of many perfect times to visit we have in the summer.

I am excited about this choice since it has the potential to provide better vistas for photography and this event provides one of the best event related photo opportunities of the year. The current site was a little too close to the ski mountain and too backlit if you tried to get a picture of the balloons and the ski mountain. I have high hopes for this summers event and the chance to get some totally new shots of the an old summer time tradition. I will check out the site next time I am down that way.

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