Thursday, June 08, 2006

Steamboat Fly-Fishing

Here is a little fly-fishing fix from Steamboat for you. Fly-fishing Magazine has agreed to use this picture August cover :) Well not quite yet but they haven’t had a chance at it yet it either. Alden and I were fly-fishing in a 2 seat pontoon inflatable last night at Storm Mountain Ranch and before I knew it Alden had a fat 24 inch rainbow trout on the line (he was handling it well enough that I was able to get a couple of pictures as he was bringing it in) Not bad for a 3 yr old's first trout on a fly rod. I will be framing this picture tomorrow in my office and I have an invite to bring Alden out to Marabou Ranch to check out what should be fantastic fly-fishing there.

I am hearing fisherman are venturing back into the Yampa river and finding some success in the eddies and slower moving areas. Just don't wade in too deep since the water is still moving along pretty good. Keep your line wet!