Friday, July 14, 2006

Steamboat Mountain Biking - Hot Springs to Red Dirt loop

steamboat mountain biking

A few weeks ago I had my good friend Eddie Byrne up to Steamboat for the weekend to mountain bike with me. One of the trails we did was a great loop that brings together several trails and covers some gorgeous terrain. Eddie is a really smart guy and one of his hobbies is documenting the rides we go on with his camera and GPS. Tonight he sent a link to the Steamboat mountain biking trail guide he put together for the loop. We went from the Hot Springs trail off CR 129 to the Strawberry park hot springs back then back down to the double track road, went rightover to the Mad Creek trail and then connected over to the Red Dirt trail for a fun single track descent. We didn't do it this day but I recommend going right (north) on the Red Dirt trail as far up as your legs will take you. You will be rewarded with great veiws if you get to the top and a fun descent down a much longer stretch of wavy singletrack.

I was blown away by the quality of his descrition of the ride, topo map with waypoints and the photos that he put together. I have never seen it's equal in a mountain biking trial guide. I think he needs to quit his day job and make a career out of this. Its worth a visit to his page just for the beautiful photos even if you don't bike. The photo above is one of Eddie's.

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