Monday, November 27, 2006

Anticipating a Winter Storm in Steamboat

The winter storm front they have been predicting since last week has arrived with a bang after almost a week of anticipation. Forecasts are all over the place since 2-3 systems are converging. Current forecasts range from 8-24 inches for the storm with some saying will go north and now one saying it will go south. All say the storm is carrying a lot of moisture they will deliver over the next 2 days.

Mountain weather can be beautiful, mysterious and unpredictable all at the same time so it never gets old just like a great woman. I think that is why I love living in the mountains and my wife so much, that makes me a lucky guy. Both sets of my grandparents were farmers that lived in anticipation of what the weather might bring. Times like this make me think of them. Even though the reasons I anticipate the weather are much more detached from my physical existence than my grandparents it is amazing how closely I can relate to how they must have felt. That said it is easy for me to say oh well and start anticipating the next storm if one doesn't quite come through :) Back to the Steamboat Springs blog main page for more.

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