Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Neve's First Birthday

My daughter Neve turned one today and I feel like I'm the one that got the best present. Wendy and I are very lucky th have two wonderful kids that are both totally different and we can't imagine loving any more, until the next time they do something cute or want a hug that is. Neve means powder snow in Italian. It's hard to imagine if you know me but I think I love her even more than the fluffy Champagne Powder we live for here in Steamboat. The only thing better will be trying to keep up with her and Alden on a big powder day in the trees. I'm sure that days will be here before I know it. Last year it started snowing hard for the season a couple of days after she was born. Trillions of her friends came to meet her last season bringing near record snowfall here to Steamboat, hopefully they will be back again this year.

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