Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Steamboat Powder Skiing - Sundown Rope drop

There's nothing like the first rope drop of the season in the Sundown area. They always do it after a good storm and the skiing is always somewhere between great and epic. I rely on local knowledge & a variety of inside sources to always be there for this one. It wasn't as good as the last couple of years but it was still knee deep powder. I only wish the video could do it justice but I think that you will get the idea. It's just never as good when you stop to film because the skier isn't carrying the same amount of speed to throw snow all around and pop face shots of powder up on nearly every turn. I hope that all of you can get out soon to see it for yourselves. Thanks to Jeff Lampas, a 100 plus day a year local skier for coming out to throw some pow for me. Ski back to the Steamboat Springs blog main page for more.

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Justin B said...

That is just wrong. Perfectly placed Aspens in knee deep pow. Made me say a quick "Amen" to the skiing Gods for shining on Steamboat.