Monday, December 18, 2006

Bear Claw III Ski In Ski out plans

The Atira Group has given the city two options for the Bear Claw III site that is just below the older Bear Claw units. Atira purchased this 4 acre site recently for $25M and plans to built luxury Ski In Ski out condos, townhomes or both. The Atira Group is composed of partners that developed Catamount Ranch & Club here in Steamboat and Cordierra in Vail among other things. They have a track record of putting together very high quality developments.

The interesting twist with this site is that they have existing entitlements for an 11 story condo building that dates back to the 1980's. Everyone including Atira hopes that this building won't be built here but with the current lack of coherence in the city planning process it could be a fall back. Since they would also like to build something nicer they are giving the city an alternative proposal of building a combination of several condo and townhome buildings styled like ranch buildings. Knowing Atira's track record they will be very nice if they get their wishes.

what makes this the most interesting of all is the chance to see how council will react to a very clear choice of good vs. bad given the sometimes drifting course they take in the planning process. The other nearly as interesting twist is that the 11 story building was approved decades before the existing affordable housing rules. How they will handle that twist in trying to work for the greater good of a new development plan could turn out to be quite a show.

If you have any further questions about this project or what is happening at the base of the Steamboat Ski area in general feel free to drop a line. I can give you quite a bit more background on any of the new developments and the status of the URA improvements, it worth a little time if you love Steamboat. I love to talk about all of the improvements that are planned and how we should end up with a great base village with cool public spaces surrounded by more things to do year round as a result.

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