Monday, December 11, 2006

Steamboat Real Estate Sales set record

Real Estate Sales in Steamboat Springs hit the $1B mark as over November 30th up from $886M in all of 2005 according to Routt County records compiled by Land Title in Steamboat. Hitting $1B for the year was by no means certain and it was an unusually strong month in November that pushed us over the top despite thin inventory. Unit sales are just barely up. Higher average prices for new and existing units are the result of Steamboat's appeal, relative value, strong demographics and the anticipation of a ski area sale in recent months. We are also seeing an increase in the overall quality of new construction and new high-end Land Preservation Subdivisions.

If you would like to see a copy of the detailed data just drop me a line and I will send it to you. Give me a call if you would like some more insight into the numbers or what is behind them. I am a pretty low key guy if you haven't figured that out already from reading my blog so don't expect a sales pitch if you call, I prefer to stick to the facts and my interpretations of what is going on here in Steamboat. You cna reach me at 970-819-6930.

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