Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wendy's Steamboat Bull Riding

Wendy and I were invited to the finale of the Marabou Ranch Winter Festival tonight. It was a great evening with everything from a nice dinner including elk tenderloin, to a great performance by country music singer Julie Roberts and even a mechanical bull. Wendy was apparently feeling pretty spunky tonight so she took Crusher for a spin. She drew a throng of admirers quickly as the bull got going. Her form is pretty darn impressive. I suspect she will get invited to ride in the Steamboat Springs Rodeo series this summer :)
Click the play button at the bottom left of the picture to see here in action or go to the full size version if you want a bigger picture or to rate her performance. It starts a little slow but I guarantee you will find it entertaining. I hopped on next but didn't look nearly as good so I'll spare you from seeing the video of me.

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Justin B said...

Nice. That is solid stuff right there.