Wednesday, April 02, 2008

American Cowboy's Best Ski town to live in

Well they didn't put it exactly that way but my first thought when I saw this was to see if any ski towns ranked higher and sure enough Steamboat is the first to be both a great western town and a great ski town. Nothing we didn't already know but it is nice to see that others who don't even know how great it is in Steamboat can see it too :) The best thing is that our western image is authentic because we were a ranch town long before a ski town and that is real in more ways than just the image. The people here and the people Steamboat attracts are genuinely friendly. If you aren't friendly I don't think you would be either happy here or unfriendly for long.

From American Cowboy Magazine: Steamboat Springs, CO Its reputation as Ski Town USA is certainly a draw, but few know that Steamboat Spring’s ranching roots run deeper than any amount of champagne powder. Cradled by a fertile valley of the Yampa River, the area was once the largest exporter of cattle in the West. Today you’ll find that history alive and well at events such as Cowboys Round up Days, and the annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo, both in July."

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