Monday, September 15, 2008

Steamboat Mortgage update

Despite what you hear in the national news knowledgeable lenders have confidence in Steamboat. Mortgages are available to qualified borrowers at good rates. I called Wells Fargo for an update on rates and basic loan terms they are currently funding in Steamboat. They are funding their own jumbo loans and as a result have great rates. Lynn is very professional and Wells Fargo is a strong bank that has avoided any significant mortgage related issues due to responsible policies that kept them away from the risky loans. If you are interested check in with Lynn for an update. FYI, Jon

Jon -
Wells Fargo is a stable lending institution with over 150 years of history. We have mortgage money available to lend to qualified borrowers. Here are a few loan ideas for today (9-15-08). Rates change daily or more often.

Loan amount, Occupancy, Loan to Value, Appx Rate, Type of Loan, Orig fee appx, FICO credit score

$729,000, primary, 75%, 5.875%, 30 year fixed, 0.125%, 760
$729,000, 2nd home, 60%, 5.875% , 30 year fixed, 0 , 720
$1,000,000, primary, 75%, 6.875%, 30 year fixed, 0, 720 with relationship
$1,000,000, 2nd home, 75%, 6.875%, 30 year fixed, 0, 720 with relationship
Many other options are available. Banking relationship means a Wells Customer or $50k deposited for loan term. Please call and we can discuss details. Lynn W. Reiff Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 970.879.8586 800.741.1553

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