Sunday, November 29, 2009

$15m in closings gets things started at One Steamboat Place

The closings have begun in One Steamboat Place with $15.25M so far. One Steamboat Place represents the first of the the new Ski In Ski Out developments to begin closing and are a good sign for our market. One Steamboat Place and Edgemont represent the highest quality condos Steamboat has seen to date and will bring a new level of owner / guest experience to Steamboat. One Steamboat Place brings a location, quality and experience advantage to the table that we haven't seen yet with it's full service resort amenities, club and spa facilities.

Not to sound like their PR department but I can objectively say that they have done a fantastic job extending their experience before closing and developed a great relationship with their clients. I am sure that it is more difficult for some to close with the changes in the financial markets since these went under contract but I have only talked to one that doesn't want to close which is different than I have seen in Wild Horse. It will be interesting to see how things play out but I feel that buyers in One Steamboat Place will get a superior experience, an unparalleled experience, a good value and ultimately the best values of all more time spent in Steamboat with their families and friends. Steamboat Pilot Article

Give me a call at 970-819-6930 if you would like some more specific insights on One Steamboat Place or the market in general. I am somewhat unique in that I call these as I see them so I am not saying that Steamboat has recovered yet but I am seeing people that are willing to buy for quality and time with their families. I currently see One Steamboat Place and soon Edgemont as tow developments that will have good success in completing their contracted sales because of the quality they are delivering.

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