Thursday, January 07, 2010

Gorgeous Bluebird Powder Day In Steamboat

Credit "Dam Skier TGR Forums - Steamboat 12-31-09"

And today we have one thing in common, we are working! No complaints but it would be fun to sneak up for a couple of hours as the snow has been great on the mountain. See the picture above and here is a page with some great Steamboat Powder shots taken on New Years Eve 2009.

I try to be a cool boss and sent my assistant up to ski and video some with my new helmet cam so the rest of us can see what it was like. I will post the video if it turns out and am working on a fun new site called Steamboat Videos where you will be able to share in some of our Steamboat Adventures. It's just a shell right now but we will "work" diligently to allow you to make a quick visit to Steamboat anytime you have a couple of minutes in front of your computer.

Don't expect anything to professional but they will be fun clips of different Steamboat adventures and hopefully a good excuse for me to sneak out for an hour or so on days like this ...

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