Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunpie's Bistro, Downtown Steamboat Springs

   If you want some down home southern comfort food and the feeling that everyone knows your name, or soon will, head down to Sunpie’s Bistro. Sunpie’s has a New Orleans flair and is a popular drinking place for the local rugby team.   Expect something interesting to happen every time you’re there. For a heart stopper, try the Coucon de Lait – pulled pork with gravy and French fries on the sandwich. It’s always a friendly crowd at ‘the Pie’ as the locals call it.
   Sunpie's is located in Downtown Steamboat along the Yampa River at about 7th and Yampa Ave.  Don't worry about the Rugby Team, this is a very family friendly place until it gets late and the location along the river makes for a great place to relax in the sun on the huge backyard seating area.

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