Thursday, September 23, 2010

Haying in Steamboat

Haying is a part of the ranching tradition of Steamboat and the hay helps feed cattle and horses throughout the winter. In the late summer and early fall the farmers hay the land. Visiting Steamboat, or many places out west you might notice hay bales dotting the landscape. This summer, because of the late snowmelt and the moist weather, haying lasted a lot longer than usual and has gone long into the fall. Many farmers have delayed cutting the fields because the moisture can cause mold to grow in the hay and damage the product before it is sold.

Hay bales are a popular subject for photography in Steamboat. Best bet for a good picture is to get an interesting backdrop for the field. Use a mountain or hill with aspen trees turning. Another option is to use a field that has been mown in an interesting pattern and use the pattern as the focus of the shot with the hay bales dotting the landscape.

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