Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catamount Ranch and Club in Steamboat

Days spent in Catamount always seem to go by too quickly. Short early morning canoe journeys with your family across the Lake quickly turn into expeditions to see what is glistening along the far shore. Afternoon games of golf extend into the evenings as you let people play through while you sit with your family and friends, enjoying watching the beaver playfully build his new home in a crossing stream. And nights seem to extend into the early hours of the morning as you sit and enjoy looking at the glistening stars, clearer than ever, brought on from your location just outside of downtown Steamboat. But while your vacation seems to fly by, the memories found from enjoying the views, the activities, and spending time with family always seem to last forever.

We created the above video as a way to show you the beauty of Lake Catamount. If you have any additional questions about areas seen in the video above or other aspects of Catamount Ranch and Club, please feel free to contact us at Jon@TheSteamboatGroup.com or give us a call at 970.879.0879.

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