Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hiking with Alden last night up the Mad Creek Trail

Last night Alden, Woody and I went hiking up the Mad Creek trail which is about 6 miles up CR 129 in the Elk River Valley. Alden continues to amaze me with how much faster he gets better at things and his endurance increases. He cruized up the trail with me no problem, checked out every little detail (and identified quite a few) on the way and before we know we had gone nearly a mile. I thought we had better turn around so we headed back. He didn't have a nap that day fell asleep for the short drive up and Ihad to wake him up for the hike. What a great place to bring up a kid and be a Daddy! I am truly lucky.


Anonymous said...

Cool story, we love taking our kids on hikes when we come to Steamboat. If our kids are any indication just wait until your son is a little older and your challenge will be getting them to turn around when you want to.

Good Luck!

Justin said...

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