Friday, September 02, 2005

New Rec Center for Steamboat Springs?

The expansion of the library into the existing community center is making some good waves. The City of Steamboat Springs is currently discussing if they should replace the existing community center with something similar in size and scope or build a modern recreation center. If the goal is to bring people or all ages together a real recreation center would be a great way to do that since the existing community center attracts only a few segments of city residents. Steamboat has a nice facility in the Hot Springs Pool, Health and Rec center but it is small and there is not a year round pool for younger kids.

The current site of choice is on the West side of town by the Transit Center but I think they should also consider some of the availible land just east of downtown along the Yampa river or just off the Mt Werner Circle interchange on the river side to locate in a more central area. Building a full Recreation Center would be considerably more expensive than just replacing the small community center Steamboat has now. That additional cost could be justified by the benefit to residents alone but it would also be a big amenity for visitors all year round and make Steamboat Springs even more family friendly.

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