Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's Dumping in Steamboat this morning

It was forecast to come in this afternoon but it looks like it just couldn't wait. The forecast is for snow until Wednesday with just a day break in between. You never know what will happen in the mountains until it does but there are several waves of clouds coming our way. I can give thanks for that!

1:15pm Update: It tailed off a while after my post but its definately getting going again now and has gotten stronger even as I write this update. We have good but not great conditions on the mountain right now. A foot or two of snow would push it to great. The snow just doubled again so things are really starting fall into place so to speak, big flakes and a lot of them. Bring it on Mother Nature! Show us what you've got!


powder skiing said...

It's still going strong. The powder skiing will be great today too bad I can't get out until about 130pm. Hopefully it keeps going for a few days as predicted so I can get in some weekday freshies.

steamboatsprings said...

Me too, I'm in the same boat but I'm guessing we will find some nice now this afternoon since most people are on their way home by then. I'm hoping to take off Monday morning for a couple of hours to indulge in some of Steamboat's Champagne Powder