Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Steamboat Ski area gets 26 inches of snow on top, 12 inches at the base

I talked to a couple of friends who work on the mountain and it looks like we got some good snow out this weekend's storm. The snow that fell was perfect to build a solid base and should make things better all season. Things look good up high but we could use some more snow down lower. The cold tempatures expected for at least the next week will allow for great snowmaking output and maintain the snow we have. The mountian was shrouded in a cloud of snowmaking today and they even had the guns down in hte rodeo arena behind my office going strong all day. The gondola was running this afternoon so things are starting to fall in place for opening day next Wednesday November 23rd. From what I hear conditons up on Rabbit ears and Buffalo pass are luring many backcountry skiers already. How about one more good storm to make the mountain just right?


Justin B said...

Gotta love a good base for opening weekend.

steamboat springs said...

It was a pretty good opening. The trails that are open so far have great coverage. Today they are opening the upper mountain. The north facing trees and dark timber should be great skiing. I'm working today at our mountain office so I plan to sneak up for a hour or so of skiing before I go in.

The best news is that a storm is on its way and they are predicting snow Saturday- Wednesday with a day break in the middle.