Monday, November 07, 2005

Neve joins us in Steamboat

neve grace
Wendy and I are proud to announce that our daughter Neve Grace has joined us in Steamboat Springs. She came in like a blizzard and quickly settled into a mesmerizing steady snow fall. She has already charmed her daddy more than I can believe and I feel all fuzzy inside just like when I think about snow. Neve means snow in Italian which as you might imagine is near and dear to our hearts. Grace is a family name on Wendy's side. Our 2 year old Alden is very excited to have a little sister and Woody gave her a big kiss as soon as he got a chance. We are lucky to have a great family of five, Neve, Alden, Woody (our Yellow lab who is still my baby) Wendy and Jon plus countless friends that are just like family. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful and supportive.

We hope that her arrival just in time for ski season will be the start of a great winter in Steamboat and life to follow. We hope we can keep up. For more details and pictures click Neve Grace to see her web page. I will add pictures over time as I get a chance but we have been pretty busy lately.

* I backed dated this post to Neve's date and time of birth in Steamboat, however this picture was taken within a couple hours of her birth.

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