Friday, November 11, 2005

Steamboat Springs Recreation Center in the works

The city of Steamboat Springs has recently revived the effort to build a new recreation center in town. Steamboat has a nice facility in the non-profit owned Steamboat Health and Recreation Center. It has several hot springs pools, a water-slide and a workout area in town but it just can't keep up with current standards for a community rec center due to space constraints and funding. Tonight the city held a meeting to get input on what the locals would like to see in the center and talk about what it would take to make it a reality. There seems to be some good momentum building if they can keep their efforts on track, develop a reasonable plan, get it approved and build it on budget. A daunting task but one that many other communities without the commitment to sports that Steamboat has have done. I hope that Steamboat can make this happen it would be a asset for the town and one more thing for visitors to love about Steamboat.

Find the details at Steamboat Pilot

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