Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday Powder

It’s been dumping up here the past couple of days. Today (Sunday) they reported 16 inches up top in the morning and 30 by afternoon. As usual there was much more in the trees. Just off the top of the Storm peak lift towards closets we hit a big area with 4 plus feet of snow and 3 plus areas were common in the trees. My friend Dave Hartley and I didn’t get out until almost 2pm and it was still amazing. I heard that this morning was unbelievable. The snow was some of the lightest you will find and the coverage underneath was pretty good, you had to watch for downed tress and big bumps but the skiing was fantastic. We found stash after stash of powder to billow up over us.

The forecast called for the snow to tail off but it was still dumping up top when we came down and it is snowing steadily even down here at the base. I think I am going to do a little make up for my 6-7 day work weeks in the morning. They are predicting more snow later in the week so hopefully we get another good storm.

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