Saturday, January 21, 2006

Steamboat Springs is running out of places to put snow

A friend and I were commenting on how hard it is to find a rock up on the Steamboat Ski Area. What few there are showing are really easy to avoid because they are so big you know where they are from jumping off them in normal years. This is definately not a problem on the mountain because we have been getting snow so frequently it has gotten moderately hard only once or twice. Both times were when it got warm in front of a storm then froze and the storm quickly took care of it each time. The best part is that when they report 4 inches it tends to be a pretty great day up there as it fills in from the day before and 6 inch reports are almost always calf deep in the trees.

In town it is a different matter, with snowfall here in Steamboat at about 135 percent of average they are running out of places to put it all around town. The city is remarkable efficient about making the big piles disappear downtown. Overnight huge piles and 2 feet wide sidewalks go to nothing overnight. The problem is that the city has nearly filled the places they stash it including some parking lots, your can't see around corners on most roads and private users have run out of place to put the snow.

It's a good problem to have in my opinion. Bring on the snow!!!

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