Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gin Blossoms in Steamboat Springs

The Gin Blossoms played in Steamboat at the base of the Gondola this afternoon. One ofthe great things about living or spending time in Steamboat is that they bring in surprisingly good bands on a regular basis for free concerts. It's a cool place that the bands love to come and skiers know how to have a good time. It makes for a great mix. The Gin Blossoms put on a great performance in the spring sun. Wish you were here.


Justin said...

I grew up in Phoenix (since I was 14) and these guys are A. Locals and B. hit it big when I was a Senior in High School. They are still one of my favorite bands.

Robin Wilson sings National Anthems all the time at the Cardinals, Suns, Diamondbacks, and Coyotes games here in Phoenix. It is good to see that they are still alive and kicking.

Steamboat Springs said...

Thanks Justin, one of the benefits of living in a ski area is getting to see some great bands for free. I'm also a fan of the Gin Blossoms so it was cool to hear your back story on them.