Friday, May 12, 2006

Hartley Acres is the place to be

Our friends Dave and Katherine Hartley had us out to their ranch tonight to hang out. We have all been far too busy this spring so it was nice to get some quality time with some of our very best friends. I have known the Hartleys for about 20 years now and they are one of the many reasons I and now we love Steamboat so much. We spent some time earning our keep, had a great dinner, then Alden got to ride Toots. Dave hopped on and Neve didn't want to be left out so she hopped on too. It's cool that I have also been riding Toots thanks to Dave's generousity for nearly 20 years myself and now my kids get to enjoy her too. Thanks Hartley's!

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Anonymous said...

It's about Toot made it onto the WWW! I bet there are jealous mares everywhere!