Sunday, May 07, 2006

Snowshoes, Water-skiis and Hockey gear

I looked in the back of my truck this afternoon and had to smile when I realized it is not a bit out of place to have snowshoes, water-skiis & hockey gear in the back of my truck at the time and use them within a day. There is still plenty of snow half way up the mountain and I needed snowshoes to show some 35 acre parcels and the lake where we water-ski is clear of ice. We put the water-ski course in the lake today and got in some nice turns. They a lot nicer than they were but I still got into my 28 off pass so it was better than I start some times. Later that night I had a hockey game so I managed to play on every form of water but water vapor today. That's the kind of day that makes me feel lucky to live here in Steamboat...

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