Friday, June 30, 2006

Steamboat Moose

Last night I was driving back from Boulder over Rabbit Ears pass and saw this little guy off to the left just before the downhill into Steamboat. It's funny because I was just thinking a few minutes earlier that I need to make an effort to see a moose this year. I have seen a few in other places but not in Steamboat. They are pretty common around here so I decided that needed to change. One friend has seen one in her back yard on North Steamboat Blvd a couple of times this year.

Photography is a big hobby of mine but I didn't have my SLR with the big zoom lens with me because I was just getting back from a business trip. It's in my truck nearly every other day of the year and the light was great so I was bummed I didn't have it. Luckily I met a nice family and Earl let me snap a few shots with his digital SLR. He invited me over to see the photos tonight and I got a friend out of the deal too. Thanks again Earl!

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