Friday, June 30, 2006

Yampa Valley Curse

I love hearing from people who read this blog so I thought I would share the note I recieved this morning and my response:
Thanks for your note. You like many others have a mild case of the Yampa valley curse. Its the best curse I have heard of since it’s effect is to keep you coming back to Steamboat Springs. “Unfortunately” you didn’t get a stronger dose of it so you haven’t made it back yet. I recommend coming back soon or you will always wish you did. Fortunately for me I got a strong case long ago. I still brings me back quickly any time that I am out of the valley.

Loved your website. I put it in my Favorites List. My husband, sister, and I visited your town about 6 years and it is still on our minds. We loved it. Lee

There are at least two versions of the Yampa Valley curse:
1) Once you have really experienced the Yampa Valley you will be cast under a spell and you’ll be destined to return again and again for the rest of your life.

2) If you live in the Steamboat area and leave, you will forever want to return and will not find happiness in any other place. I think regular visits would help you avoid the bad side effects but I don't see why you would ever leave myself

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