Friday, July 21, 2006

Marabou Ranch Steamboat Springs

The Marabou Ranch just outside Steamboat Springs includes 62 home sites along with 2 miles of very productive Elk River Fly-fishing, a large variety of streams and 15 acres of ponds with great trout habitat, open space for grazing, haying, dry-land crops, a sharptail-grouse breeding ground, a winter elk range, riding trails, cross country ski trails mountain biking and first class horse facilities. It will include extensive amenities and extensive trout fishing habitat along its two miles of the River, extensive stream system and 15 acres of ponds. Marabou ranch holds extensive water rights they will use to keep the water cool for the trout due to the long history of ranching on this property. It also has master guides on staff for every aspect of ranching and outdoor sports availible in the Steamboat area including Olympians on staff to improve residents'skiing and well known fly-fisherman to help catch the wily trout when they aren't tending to the herd.

I went out to the ranch last week to check on progress and things seem to be firing on all cylinders. It looks like they are doing a first class job with their stream improvememts in the Elk River for fly-fishing and you can tell they are putting in first class roads. That speaks volumes to me for the quality we can expect to see in the other more obvious aspects of Marabou as they get built. Storm Mountain Ranch, Jeff Temple's other Steamboat LPS development has incredible fly-fishing and indications are that the fly-fishing at Marabou Ranch will take things to a new level.

Several national publications have written articles on the quality of
Steamboat Springs fly-fishing
. Fly Fisherman Magazine talked about Steamboat as the best area for Rainbow trout fly-fishing in Colorado.

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