Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Steamboat Opening day

It is opening day today and I will be heading out to sample the product for all of you. I don't think there is any reason to be overly jealous this year so far but it is always nice to get out and feel your skis on the snow and blow the rust off with a few runs. It still gets my heart pumping. I'm going out with 3 friends so that will be fun . I haven't skied with 2 of them before and I think they are really solid skiers so I am looking forward to the chance to bring up my game a bit in the new season.

UPDATE: I got out this morning for a few runs. There wasn’t too much open but the snow was soft even early and no sign of rocks. It wasn’t the epic opening that mother nature seemed to be setting us up for this fall but it was nice to carve some turns of all sizes. The upper mountain groomers look good and they plan to open up to the top on Friday. There is a light system coming in Thursday night but nothing significant is expected until early next week. Hopefully the Thursday storm will surprise us like they sometimes do this time of year.

I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday with your families and you are planning some long trips out to ski this winter. Go back to the Steamboat Springs blog main page for more.

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