Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend in Steamboat

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Family and Friends wherever you found yourself this year. I have had a great time skiing with my wife Wendy, my son Alden and a few friends but most importantly getting to spend a luxurious amount of time with Alden, Neve and Wendy. I am a very lucky guy with much to be thankful for so this has been a special weekend for me.

Unfortunately it was a little warm here last week and we ended up one storm short of a solid opening this year. Scholarship day on Wednesday was a good chance to see friends on the mountain along with several nice sections with some soft creamy snow hidden among firmer snow and a little ice. Thanksgiving day was about the same. Friday brought the opening of the upper mountain and the chance to ski 3-4 inches of aged powder in the trees off of Buddy's Run and the traverse to 4 Points hut plus some bumps off the BC lift and very nice snow on lower Rainbow. Saturday brought a decent squall of snow during the day followed by some nice sunshine that made the snow much softer. I may not make it out on Sunday, I will be working in the morning and have hockey after that.

Overall the weekend was a good time to get out with several full and part time local friends, a chance to re-learn how to carve after last years epic snow fall where you could ski with round edges, see just how out of ski shape I am and make some turns to get back in shape. This may not have been an epic year like so many we have seen but I have had so many great years in Steamboat at Thanksgiving that I'm always here ready to go. Thanksgiving is on the early side this year and that makes a big difference when the storms most often hit Thanksgiving week here in Steamboat.

Up top there is a decent base so a big storm could get things looking nice in the trees. I'll be ready, how about you? They just happen to be forecasting just such a storm. Head back to the Steamboat Springs, CO blog main page for more.

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