Thursday, November 16, 2006

Steamboat Snow Forecast

Here is a great snow focused forecast source from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. It is a true gem compared to other sources so I hope that you like it as much as I do. I say snow focused because the normal weather sites have a different focus so they don't give serious skiers what we need to understand what is coming and its potential. Even when they are looking at snow the forecast is more valley than peak oriented since that is where people live. These guys only care about place that we ski.

I have used this site for many years since it came out and have found CAIC to be by far the most accurate and insightful. Mountain weather is pretty unpredictable but these guys do much better since snow is their whole focus and they are much more into being useful vs. pretty. They generally call out the Steamboat snow forecast separately since it is often more than the rest of the northern mountains and do the best job catching surprise storms. It is updated daily between about 2-4pm. The CAIC Northern Mountains Forecast is worth bookmarking and watching so you know when you next case of powder fever is coming on. Here is a sample from earlier week without their commentary, it was very close to the actual snowfall we recieved:

Northern Mountains
Tonight: Lows 15-25, Winds W/40-50 G60+, Skies Obscured with 2-4", 3-6" Steamboat Tomorrow: Highs 18-28, winds W>NW/40-50 G60, skies Obscured with 6-8",6-10" Steamboat
Tomorrow Night: Lows 2-12, winds NW/20-30, skies Obscured with 1-3"

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