Monday, February 05, 2007

Daddy, I like the powder snow in my face

We went up to the Lynx Pass area to check on a friend’s house and I got to take Alden out snowmobiling in the 1-3 feet of new snow that had accumulated from last week. I figured out the snowmobile enough to make it feel like we were almost weightless like powder skiing after a good storm. Our champagne powder brunch (suitable for a 3 year old) came complete with nearly continuous face shots of powder in some sections. Alden said “Daddy I love getting powder in my face”, one of countless moments I am glad to be a Daddy. We both had full face helmets so the powder just passed by in an almost surreal fashion and you didn’t have to time your breathing. For the record I never complain when I do need to time my breathing. We didn't stay out too long so I also got to push Neve on a big swing . She charms her Daddy like I can hardly believe. Her giggles as I pushed and dodged her were truly priceless. Swing back to the Steamboat Springs blog main page for more.


JP said...

didn't know you had a sled! that's exactly what you want to hear.. nice work on getting the little one out. hoping for some snow up in steamboat, all my friends up there are hatin' life.

Steamboat Springs said...

It was one of those priceless moments of fatherhood when your kids says something your best friend would and that is because he is.

I don't have a sled yet but have friends that do and I'm thinking about getting one within a year or two when Alden is a little older and more durable. There was 1-3 feet of powder in this area and we had a blast scoring faceshots as we turned the sled like a skier.