Sunday, February 11, 2007

Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival

If you've never made it to the winter carnival here in Steamboat Springs or only come to the parade like most people put it on your list and come next year. Winter Carnival is an event that is completely unique to Steamboat because it is a product of our history and of the wonderful people who have called this town home for over 100 years now. It lasts for 5 days with countless events day and night.

I'm not sure where else you could find skiers being pulled behind galloping horses downtown, a huge fireworks show, kids 4 and up skiing down at night and either jumping off of large Nordic jumps through a ring of fire one after the other in rapid succession or off of a freestyle ski jump like is just another Saturday night, A lighted man and 50 friends skiing loaded with live fireworks shooting off of them of a sled right behind them. Over 1,000 local kids participate in Saturday night's events alone with countless more kids and adults on the other days, not bad for a town with about 14,000 people. By the way they will let anyone over 11 try jumping off the 20-50 meter nordic jumps in Alpine, Telemark or Nordic jumping skis and will give you pointers if you want them. 4 year olds do it as part of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.

It's hard to describe the charm of the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival, in many ways it is Steamboat at it's best as the ranchers gladly share an event they pioneered to break up the hard frontier winters with local city dwellers and visitors alike. That an event that is this friendly yet audacious (given our overcautious society) can still exist is a testament to many of the things that make Steamboat Springs extraordinary. I feel lucky to live here and be a part of this community every day but even luckier during Winter Carnival time. Come on up next year and share in the fun.

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