Saturday, March 10, 2007

There's Something about Steamboat

It happens to me several times a week, it is usually something simple but every time it happens I feel lucky that we live in Steamboat. I'm not talking about powder days, epic bike rides, pulling a particularly big fish out of the river or any of the countless obvious reasons that we are so fortunate to call Steamboat home. I am talking about the subtle things you notice as part of daily life as a Steamboat Local like:
- how amazingly nice the people that live in or visit Steamboat Springs are
- how your kids are safe here and how many people haven't had a key to their house for years
- what an unreal place it is for kids and how hard the community works to make it that way
- how many parades we have that shut down main street
- how the whole town comes downtown for Halloween and you see everyone you know in one night
- going skiing, biking etc without planning in advance
- going skiing alone and only making 1-2 runs alone
- how easy it is to find someone to get outdoor and play any time of the day/week
- how truly generous people are that call Steamboat home all year or just a week
- how all four seasons overlap here
- how snow storms come in waves, how it warms up before the big storms, how the really big powder days come when snow forecast is 30% chance of trace to 3 inches, the way the snow sticks to the aspens and no matter how familiar any of this seems ... how beautiful and unpredictable it really is, just like a great woman. In my case Wendy.
- how many beautiful things you notice if you just slow down a little or go someplace new
- how almost any local could fill a book with a list like this and I couldn't limit myself to just a few no matter how hard I tried.

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