Sunday, March 11, 2007

Welcome to my Steamboat Blog

I feel fortunate to have this Steamboat Springs Blog featured in the Sunday Steamboat Pilot with the tagline A Quick trip to Steamboat . Matt Stensland, the Pilot's business reporter has been reading this blog for a while now was nice enough to compliment me on it and write a nice story. It was cool to get to meet Matt since I have enjoyed his articles over time. Thank you Matt.

If you are not familiar with what a blog is it is short for web log and is a chronological set of stories or links that someone publishes on the web. Matt and I had an interesting talk about blogs and Steamboat in general. I don't have the journalistic standards to adhere to like a newspaper so I can write about rumors that have some credence or things that are fact but not yet widely known. I can also write about anything that I think is fun and feature my kids at will.

I feel very lucky to have a great family and live here in Steamboat so I like to share that with others. I have only myself and the readers of this blog to reckon with but I try to hold myself to a high standard in providing items of interest and and my insights into things people that love Steamboat care about. Keep reading below, I hope that you enjoy the result.

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