Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tradeoffs of living in the Mountains

The Mountain jobs blog has an interesting article about the tradeoffs of living in the mountains. Nearly every single one is a positive for me and my family. I miss great Asian food a little and my wife misses shopping a little but there isn't much else. We don't have to drive out of town for that nearly as often as we did to get our Steamboat fix. In fact many or most tradeoffs are actually pluses for me like being more rural and the lack of some things that would otherwise distract me from being outdoors.

It can be daunting to look at housing prices but you also have to consider how much cheaper it is to hop on your mountain bike to a great trail 1 minute away or taking a hike instead of recreational shopping that can add hundreds to your monthly spending without much real satisfaction. It is all a matter of understanding what is important to you, setting goals, picturing living in the mountains and letting your mind figure out how to make it real. I used to say I would retire here but fortunately I realized well before then that it would be a whole lot better to move here when we could spend our best years here raising family. I wish you the best in your quest to spend more time in Steamboat. Whether it is an all out career change, shift, location neutral work or retirement if the need is there spend some time to put together a plan an you may be surprised what you can do.

Give me a call if you ever want to brainstorm or put a plan together to get here. 970-819-6930. I know I am safe to say that you would like to be here more if you are reading this blog :)

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